Our vision at Skill Educare Soutions is to become an enabler for the semi-skilled and unskilled workers to gain new skills, by training them professionally. We have experts who have a decade long experience in supporting people to acquire new skills and flourish in life through customized SDP all over India. Skill Development Plan (SDP) is a custom, data-driven inventory, and schedule of skills and knowledge that must be learned in a given role.
We assist the individuals in acquiring new skills and up-gradation of their existing knowledge. Our online program provides training in the field of Skill Development basically in ruler area, semi urban, local villagers and a variety of other areas that can make the worker attractive, for the small and mid-scale industries across India. This provides a cost-effective, self-paced learning platform, which can be accessed from the comfort of the home, at individuals' time preference.

The learning focuses not only on the technology or theory but also on developing a deeper understanding of the related business areas, making them more employable. We keep on upgrading the courses to reflect the current demand of the industry which increases the chance of getting new opportunities.
The uniqueness of Skill Educare Solutions lies in the fact that along with training the people, we also provide a range of HR & placement services, which help those who have been training using the online courses. We have a very strong ground network with small and mid-scale businesses to support trained resources in getting jobs matching with their skill set. We are working with an aim to assist the underprivileged youth of Bihar and Jharkhand in getting a kick start to their career and explore their hidden potential.