Charitable Activities

Mission and Vision

Our Vision

To establish a progressive, peaceful and a just society based on the values of equality, fraternity and mutual-help.

EduCarEdTech Foundation runs vocational and employability skill development programs for young boys and girls, while actively engaging and impacting the work-related mindsets of adolescents, youth, parents and teachers that form the ecosystem of the youth. So, when you give to EducarEdTech Foundation, you don’t just empower a young person, but an entire community.

75% of the new jobs to be created in India will be ‘skill-based’. However, only 20% of the Indian workforce possesses ‘marketable’ skills. This challenge is particularly formidable for the large and growing unemployed population in low income communities. Enable Skilling for Employment of the Underprivileged. Help Develop a ‘New Age India’

EducarEdTech Foundation is established for the following objectives:

1. To educate people and make them conscious and concerned about self-reliance, social justice and co-operation, so that they may be prepared and equipped to work out for themselves and for others and keeping in further with their own human dignity and destiny.

2. To help, devise schemes and projects and help to execute them which will assist the country towards elimination of poverty and misery.

3. To promote all types of activities that is aimed at the integral development of persons and communities.

4. To channelize the energies of our people towards constructive national work in the social, educational and cultural fields in co-operation with Government wherever feasible.

5. To defuse useful knowledge such as social, spiritual and economical life of the country and the children become good citizens of the country.

6. To study and conduct Research on Social, Civic, Arts, Literature, Science, Cultural, economic aspects of the Rural Communities and promote them.

Our Mission

To educate, organize and empower the rural poor by promoting development as a liberating force for achieving social justice, economic growth and self- reliance.

80% girls drop out from school in India due to poverty, gender disparity and long distance of schools from villages. They are married at an early age and many of these girls become mother in their adolescence, putting their life in danger.

Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India. 85% of this blind population lives in rural areas where there is poverty, lack of health services and unawareness. 85% of the blindness can be avoided with a simple cataract surgery, restoring their eyesight.

Homeless and destitute children are very vulnerable. Their lives mean just to survive and there may be plenty of chances for them to be beggars, drug addicts, criminals or any kind of anti-social elements 15% of the world’s population lives with some form of disability, of whom 2-4% experience significant difficulties in functioning. They are considered as burden in the family and society.

The amount donated will be used to set up and run an Silai School and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development in a rural area and includes all expenses that go into training of 1 woman over a period of 21 days. The woman will also be given a Start-up kit consisting of a foot operated Sewing Machine, sewing and stitching syllabus in vernacular, training material, service manual, certificate and an Silai School signage. You can also opt to contribute towards helping out more than one woman.

What is the impact of my donation?

Your donations help young minds live up to their fullest potential. EducarEdTech Foundation skills the youth and ensures their placement in modern work environments; Trains ITI teachers to become skilled Mentors and helps ITI students to become employable; Raises women as skilled and successful entrepreneurs; Allows adolescents to recognize their interests and talents and explore options available to them through career guidance and counseling.

Our Philanthropist

International Charitable founder for KSA Faishal Khan it is one of our philanthropis who is working in UNITED DOCTORS HOSPITAL at Jeddah Saudi Arabia.

For Foreign Account Details (KSA)

Bank Details :
Bank Name : Alrajhi Bank
Account Number : 206000010006086008965
IBAN No :SA50 8000 0206 6080 1600 8965

STC PAY : +966559417139

For Indian Account Details

Bank Details :
Bank Name : Bank of Baroda
Account Holder : Educaredtech Foundation
Account Number : 29040200006511


You may mail /send cheques drafts in favor of at: EduCarEdTech Foundation
172, Vikash Nagar Road No.-9 Latma Road, Singh Mode Ranchi Jharkhand India - 834003